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Rice Hill Property Acquisition

November 21, 2023

Subject: Property acquisition

Location: 531 John Long Road


Thanks to the hard work and dedication to our community, Senator David Brock Smith, was able to acquire funding through SB 5506 allowing North Douglas County Fire & EMS to purchase approximately 2 acres of property along with buildings located at 531 John Long Road. As a result of the purchase of the property, North Douglas County Fire & EMS was able to secure the property where one of our leased fire stations is located, securing the longevity of service provided to our community. We are also currently working with other agencies to assist with developing a multi-agency training center on the two acres property strategically located along Interstate 5.


With the successful funding available NDCFEMS will be able to begin construction of housing for 8 volunteers in need. Designing the project has already been started and safety testing is in process. Once results of the testing is completed and abatement will begin if needed. We expect to utilize the current building for several months for training firefighters prior to remodeling begins.


I would personally like to thank Senator David Brock Smith and his staff for your passion and determination to help our community, Representative Virgle Osborne and Commissioner’s Tim Freeman, Chris Boice and Tom Kress for your insight and guidance as we walked through the process from starting at Umpqua Community College to the halls of our State Capital in Salem.


North Douglas County Fire & EMS

Fire Chief

Brian P. Burke Sr.


Press Release 531 John Long Road.pdf


A blue and white emblem with "NORTH DOUGLAS," a hydrant, "ND" initials, and a ladder.