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Being an emergency service volunteer is rewarding and challenging. If you are up to the task, north douglas county fire & ems is just the place for you. The department offers several ways to serve your community.
Opportunity begins here.

Why Volunteer

Firefighters handling equipment near a firetruck.

For those who can envision themselves in this role, and who can set their sights on achieving it, the rewards can be great, and the opportunity to serve is unmatched. Consider the possibility that your or your neighbor’s home is on fire. Who will come to help? How long must we wait? Will they have the education, training, and experience to do the right thing? What has been done to ensure they are available? In a small rural community such as ours, the financial resources are not available to hire the dozens of full-time firefighters that would be necessary to staff around the clock 24/7/365 multiple engine crews to respond to unscheduled events at a moment’s notice. Therefore, volunteers fill this need to a great degree. Many firefighters do what they do simply because their community needs it.

​Many firefighters are living the childhood dream of being a real firefighter. Some do it as a way to start a professional career. Others who have achieved that career, do it as a way to give back to the community and agency that helped them get started. Some take pride in sharing the knowledge and skills they have acquired in challenging circumstances. Many simply enjoy the professionalism shared by these fine individuals. All are members of a special and highly appreciated group in their community.



Water Tender Operator 

Water tenders carry large amounts of water for both structural, vehicle, and wildland firefighting.  In non-hydrated areas, being able to supply water to a fire scene is often a challenge.  A tender shuttle can provide water from a water source to the fire scene.

Structural Firefigher 

A structural fire is a fire that takes place in the structural components of a commercial, residential, or industrial building, such as a factory fire or a house fire. When such fires occur, structural firefighters extinguish the fires using either interior or exterior resources or a combination of both.

Support Member 

Our department offers a wide variety of support opportunities such as: fundraising; recruitment; marketing/branding; advertising; event planning; training management, database management; donor management;  facilities; social networking; film production; food preparation; and more.


Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are certified to render first aid to patients in the field, then triage, stabilize and transport patients to the hospital. Paramedics are the next level up from EMT — and are able to provide advanced life support in the field for more seriously ill or critically injured victims.

Wildland Firefighter 

Wildland Firefighters move dirt, clear brush, and cut down small trees to control the spread of wildfires. They patrol fire areas to put out (or mop up) any remaining burning material.


Rescue Firefighters respond to vehicle accidents, rope rescue, search and rescue, and more.


The Process

A firefighter kneels, helping a young girl hold a fire hose spraying water, in daylight with a blue playhouse in the background.


Your application will be reviewed by our recruitment team and someone will connect with you about options and opportunities.


If you are selected for the next step, you'll be scheduled to interview with a group of our members.


Applicants who move through the process must first complete a comprehensive background check.


Upon successful completion of your background check, you will complete our three-step department orientation.


Once you've completed all the steps, you'll be formally introduced as a new probationary member of our organization.