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Wildland Ops - Opportunity Tuesday

Opportunity Tuesday - Wildland Ops

With staffing levels down and the amount of annual wildfires growing, Wildland firefighters are need more than ever. Our Wildland firefighting opportunity offers more than just frontline battle.

North Douglas County Fire & EMS offers an extension of our Water Tender Ops that trains drivers to assist in water shuttle and combat efforts. We also offer command administrative assistant positions that can help coordinate resources, logistics and communications.

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED to get started. North Douglas County Fire & EMS has an extensive training program through which you can be trained and certified to many of the DPSST levels and specialties. Classes and hands-on training are provided primarily in-house through our regular Tuesday training schedule.

Interested in joining or learning more? Call our recruiter David Adkisson at (541) 214-9919 or email

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