North Douglas County Fire & EMS proudly provides fire prevention, fire suppression, and rescue operations for visitors and residents of, Curtin, Drain, Rice Hill and Yoncalla as well as the surrounding rural areas. The District also provides emergency medical response and transport ambulance service for this area and the communities of Elkton and Kellogg and their surrounding rural areas.


The District operates from six stations located throughout the district with the main office located at 531 S. Cedar St. in Drain. The District is staffed by volunteers, trained and equipped to serve their neighbors and augmented by career staff in vital roles to provide a stable, reliable and safe environment for emergency response. Mission fulfillment starts with training.


The training division provides regular opportunities for members to advance their knowledge, skills and certification in fire fighting and rescue operations as well as basic and advanced life support. Firefighters may be certified at Firefighter I or II levels, Apparatus Operator Engineer, Wildland Firefighter, Hazardous Materials Operations, Safety Officer, Fire Instructor, Fire Inspector and more through state and federal programs and the National Fire Academy.

Emergency Medical Technicians certified through the State of Oregon at Basic, Intermediate, and Paramedic levels are provided ample opportunities to satisfy continuing education requirements.

Drain Rural Fire District name change to

North Douglas county Fire & EMS

April 5, 2003

Rice Hill & Yoncalla Rural Fire Departments merge with Drain Rural Fire Department 

December 4, 2002

Drain Rural Fire District

Established December 15, 1978

Rice Hill Rural Fire District

Established April 4, 1981

Yoncalla Rural Fire District

Established January 26, 1988