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North Douglas County Fire & EMS is proud to expand our service to the community through our Fire Prevention division.  The district prioritizes customer service and an "education first" approach towards fire prevention and compliance with the Oregon Fire Code.  In partnership with the Department of the Oregon State Fire Marshal, Douglas Forest Protective Association and the National Fire Protection Association, NDCFEMS provides fire prevention through the application and enforcement of the Oregon Fire Code and Oregon Defensible Space codes.

To request a defensible space assessment at your home, please visit

Our fire prevention division is staffed by 1 Fire Prevention Specialist.  This position is currently funded by the Oregon State Fire Marshal's Office under a three-year grant program.  Under ORS 476, the fire district's Chief and Fire Marshal are classified as Assistants to the State Fire Marshal and have the authority to enforce the Oregon Fire Code.

Contact our Fire Prevention Specialist if you have any questions regarding our fire prevention division or would like assistance with fire prevention at your home or business.




Ben Simons

(541) 836-2282 x102

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