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TJ Busciglio - Thankful Thursday

TJ joined North Douglas County Fire & EMS in 2019. He began his training as an EMT while enrolled in UCC's Fire Academy Program. TJ is now a Firefighter/EMT for the district and is enrolled in the Paramedic Student Program.

"I joined because I had connections here and it seemed like the best fit. I love the comradery and how everyone feels like family."

"When I have off time, I like to spend it in the mountains or on the river. When neither of those options are available, I enjoy playing Xbox with my friends."

"It's a tough career and it requires a strong stomach for some of the things we do and see. It's not for everyone, but if it's your calling, give it your all and don't stop until you are where you pictured yourself."

Thank you TJ Busciglio for your service.



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