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Community Member Donates LUCAS Device

North Douglas County Fire and EMS wishes to thank Carol & LeRoy Hopkins of Yoncalla for her generous gift to the community in the form of a LUCAS device. This piece of equipment will enhance the department’s ability to save lives for years to come. The LUCAS device is a battery powered, highly portable, piece of technology which provides continuous chest compressions to patients in need of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

This is a force multiplier that frees one crew person to do other tasks as well as allow for the most physically demanding part of running a cardiac code to be performed for extended periods, if needed, without fatigue affecting the quality of the rate and/or depth of compressions.

The LUCAS device is quite expensive, as most medical equipment is, and the cost for this of nearly $14,000.00 has been entirely provided by Mrs. Hopkins.

Her motivation for the gift, as she explained, is that she has been blessed with financial resources that allow her to address some of the needs of others in our community and, she believes those resources are matched by her application of them to those needs.

What a beautiful vision of what can be if all applied their time, talents, and finances toward the needs of our neighbors in like manner.

Thanks again.


Mike Grimes

Assistant Fire Chief

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