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  • Mike Grimes


When you call 911, the operator will ask a series of questions to determine what response agencies to notify of the concerns. They may dispatch police, fire, ambulance, public works, utilities, transportation departments, etc. These first responders will then assess the situation and through training and experience, mitigate the issues, request further resources, or deem the situation to be non-emergent in nature and recommend a course of appropriate action.

In the Curtin, Drain, Rice Hill, Yoncalla areas, the fire and ambulance services are provided by North Douglas Co. Fire and EMS. This organization is managed by a Board of Directors, five individuals, elected by registered voters in the District. They serve with no monetary compensation for the good of their community. The Board hires a Chief and Assistant Chief of the Department to oversee the operation of all programs. The District employs two full time Firefighter/Paramedics and an administrative assistant, as well as a part-time training officer. All other duties performed by the Department are accomplished through the efforts of Volunteers. Your neighbors, friends and family that donate their precious time, energy, wisdom, and compassion to train for, and respond to, emergencies of all kinds. These heroes put themselves on the line for their neighbors, for no more reward than knowing that on a day one of their neighbors was experiencing a bad day (maybe their worst day ever!) they were there to make it better.

If you can see yourself in that role, join us. The brotherhood (and sisterhood) of these fine individuals is awesome. If you are not able to serve your community in this way, please express appreciation to those that can, it may be the best reward they receive.

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