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NDCFEMS Responds to 1,500+ Calls in 2023

Feb 6, 2024

In 2023, North Douglas County Fire & EMS responded to 1,578 calls. That's an average of just over 4 calls per day.

2023 Call Count

Burnt truck on roadside, fire hose visible, "Truck Lane" sign ahead.
  • Medical - 1,110
  • Emergency Medical/Rescue - 195
  • False Alarm - 27
  • Good Intent - 78
  • Hazardous Condition - 10
  • Service Call - 91
  • Vehicle Fire - 14
  • Flue Fire - 4
  • Illegal Burn - 19
  • Wildland - 17
  • Structure Fire - 13

Over the past decade, North Douglas County Fire & EMS has experienced a significant surge of almost 95% in emergency calls. Despite this unprecedented demand for our services, our volunteer numbers have reached an all-time low. In our close-knit rural community, we simply do not have the financial means to employ the many full-time firefighters needed to provide round-the-clock coverage. That's where our dedicated volunteers step in, tirelessly responding to unforeseen emergencies at a moment's notice.


Overturned trucks on a road with debris scattered around, under a cloudy sky.

North Douglas County Fire & EMS proudly provides fire prevention, fire suppression, and rescue operations for visitors and residents of, Curtin, Drain, Rice Hill, and Yoncalla as well as the surrounding rural areas. The district also provides emergency medical response and transport ambulance service for this area and the communities of Elkton and Kellogg and their surrounding rural areas. because their community needs it.



In 2012, the District voters approved an Operations and Staffing Levy of $0.99 per $1000. This decision was reaffirmed in 2017 and 2022, demonstrating the strong support for maintaining essential District services. Thanks to this crucial funding, NDCFEMS has been able to maintain a team of nine dedicated career staff, with the additional support of two staff members funded by State and Federal grants. This continued investment in our community's safety and well-being is a testament to the decision-making of our District voters.

If you are interested in volunteering with our organization, please visit to learn more.