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2023 Hydrant Testing

Aug 2, 2023

North Douglas County Fire & EMS will be conducting our annual fire hydrant testing in the city of Drain starting Wednesday August 2, 2023 through the month of August. During this time you might notice a slight discoloration of the water in your house but it should clear up within a few hours.

Hydrant testing is very important to the fire district as it gives us annual information on the quality of our local water supply system so we can make sure that it is in good working order in the event of an emergency. It also helps us in our fire district’s ISO ratings which ultimately affects your insurance premiums. 

We appreciate your patience with this project. If you have any questions please feel free to call 541-836-2282.

A yellow fire hydrant with a blue cap on a grassy sidewalk, with a road and trees in the background.