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Station #1 - Drain - Opportunity Tuesday

Station #1 - Drain - Opportunity Tuesday

North Douglas County Fire & EMS is the combination of three rural fire districts that merged in 2002. The combination of Drain Rural Fire, Rice Hill Rural Fire, and Yoncalla Rural Fire has not only created a large fire district, it has created an opportunity to volunteer for one department and respond from one of our six fire stations.

Station #1 in Drain is the main station for the district. While we are a combination fire department, meaning we have paid and volunteer staff, this station is primarily covered by volunteers. When an emergency happens, volunteers are paged out and respond to the station for an apparatus. You could be one of these people. Even if you are only available to respond at night, during the day, or on the weekends. This isn't just a volunteer opportunity. It's an opportunity to serve your community. An opportunity to find who you are. An opportunity to become part of a family.

If you live in the Drain area and are interested in serving your community, stop by our station for a tour. The Drain station houses one 24/7 staffed ALS Ambulance, one volunteer ambulance, one rescue/engine, one reserve engine, one water tender, and one brush truck. Come place your name on a locker today.

Interested in joining? Contact our recruiter to discuss your interest about joining.

David Adkisson

Cell: (541) 214-9919

Station: (541) 836-2282

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