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Sheryl Barrone - Thankful Thursday

Sheryl joined the department in 2008 as an EMT student. She earned her EMT certification in 2009 and later became an EMT-Intermediate in 2011. Sheryl, now retired from the Ambulance, serves as the Office Coordinator for the district.

“I always had an interest in medicine, especially emergency medicine and after working in health care since I was 18, I felt this was both the next step and a way to give something to my community. The people who are part of this department have become more than just mere coworkers; they are family. There is a rush that comes from working well with a team and truly helping someone in need. In my off time I have many hobbies but my favorite is spending time with my Hubby in the outdoors.”

“Think hard about what you are hoping to get out of becoming a volunteer. What we do isn’t like what’s on TV. There is a lot of training involved and hard work, but at the end of the day… can say it was worth it!”

Thank you Sheryl for your service!

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