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Planned Power Outage

Do not call 911 to report the power outage!

There is a 4 hour planned outage Friday 9/23 from 10:00PM until 2:00AM the following morning in the Drain/Curtain/Upper Smith River area that will affect approximately 500 meters. Our power supplier, the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) will be performing maintenance that requires the power to be out during that time. -Douglas Electric Cooperative

SCHEDULED POWER OUTAGE Starting at 10:00 PM Friday September 23, 2022 Ending at 3:00 AM Saturday, September 24, 2022 Bonneville Power has informed the City of Drain that they will have a scheduled power outage for routine maintenance. Please plan accordingly. If you rely on medical equipment that requires power, make a plan. -City of Drain



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