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Opportunity Tuesday - Rescue

Opportunity Tuesday - Rescue

North Douglas County Fire & EMS covers over 40 miles of State Highway. 28 of those miles are I-5. Our district responds to over 150 motor vehicle accidents a year and rising. These incidents require multiple people working as a team.

While on scene, jobs can range from traffic control, extraction, first aid, hazmat, cleanup and more. There is continuous work from the second the engine arrives, to the second we leave. The numbers of accidents are rapidly growing while the number of personnel on scene continue to fall. Our district covers I-5 from milepost 142-170, and county roads from Elkhead to Indian Creek Road out Highway 38.

Training provided, Drivers license and an acceptable driving history required.

Interested in joining or learning more? Call our recruiter David Adkisson at (541) 214-9919 or email

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