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Nothing like a White... Boxing Day?

Nothing like a White... Boxing Day?

While the snow has been beautiful across our fire district it has caused dangerous driving conditions. These are expected to worsen as we move into this evening and overnight.

The sun is out in places and the snow is melting. This has the ability to create some of the worse driving conditions of the season. As snow melts and the roads stay wet, temperatures will drop into he mid 20's tonight creating icy surfaces. The forecast also calls for snow though the night. These conditions mixed create hazardous driving conditions. People commuting Monday morning should delay their commute if possible.

We have also seen low hanging powerlines with this last snow fall. The icy conditions and snow has the potential for low hanging lines or even downed lines. DO NOT APPROACH DOWNED LINES! If lines are creating a hazard or a life threatening event call 911.



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