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Move Over Law - Safety Saturday

Sorry for the Inconvenience? NO! MOVE OVER & STAY OVER! - Safety Saturday

-Why are there flashing lights on the side of the road?

-Why are there flares setup in the road?

-Why is there a bunch of people walking along the side of the road?

These questions come up to motorists while driving down the road as they approach a scene with emergency responders.

-So why continue to speed though our scenes?

-Why stare at us while we work and take your eyes off the road?

-Why move over in the other lane only to immediately get back over when you see a single emergency vehicle by itself directing traffic over? Could it be that they are having you move over so they can protect the people trying to save lives further down the road?

Our fire district has witnessed more and more motorist who simply do not care. We are not just trying to inconvenience you. We are trying to do our job. Protecting our crews, saving lives, and protecting property.

So the next time you are driving down the road, consider the inconvenience of a ticket. Consider the inconvenience of you being involved in an incident because you didn't do your part and drove right into another vehicle. Consider the inconvenience of sitting in jail after killing a person on scene.

Move Over - Stay Over - Slow Down - Eyes on the Road

It's not an inconvenience. It's the Law.

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