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Chief Ike Shannon - Thankful Thursday

Chief Ike Shannon joined North Douglas County Fire & EMS in 1998 as a part time Paramedic. He was later promoted to a full time Firefighter Paramedic until 2007, when h

e became the Fire Chief. How did Chief Shannon get his start with the department? “I was taking a class with Jim Thomas, who was in charge of the ambulance back then; he was telling me what a great place it was to work. I applied for a job and the rest is history.”

"I started out as a volunteer firefighter for Junction City Fire in 1983 and worked my way up from firefighter to engineer, to Lieutenant, and then to Captain. I also worked my way up from First responder to an EMT-1, EMT-2, got my EMT-2D, EMT-3 then became a Paramedic all while volunteering and working a different job. I am married to my wife of almost 36 years, I have two kids, a Girl and a Boy. My hobbies include working around my yard, traveling, and Diving in Hawaii."

When asked what Chief Shannon enjoyed most about the department, he responded with “The people I work with. The friendships I have formed and just hanging out with the crews.”

It takes a lot of time and energy to become a firefighter or EMT, make sure you are ready to commit to the training.

Thank you Chief Shannon for your service!

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