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2020 FireMed Open Enrollment & Renewal during COVID-19

Open enrollment for FireMed officially began July 1, 2020 for North Douglas County & EMS. Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2020 FireMed open enrollment and 2020 member renewal will be different compared to past years. The North Douglas County Fire & EMS Administration office is closed to the public during COVID-19, this means all FireMed renewals and applications will be done by mail. All current 2019-2020 members expire October 31, 2020.

New Member/Applying for Open Enrollment

Member who apply during open enrollment, are covered until October 31, 2021. If you are interested in becoming a member during our open enrollment period, please call the station at (541) 836-2282. A member of our staff will take your name and mailing information for us to send an application by mail. We will then mailing an application with instructions for returning the application, as well as a return envelope. We are asking members of the public to return the application in the envelope we provide, with a check or money order written out to North Douglas County Fire & EMS.

2019-2020 Members Renewing for 2020-2021 Coverage

In August, current FireMed members will receive a renewal notice, return envelope, and instructions for renewing the application. We ask current FireMed members to mail any updates to their application in the envelope we provide, with a check or money order written out to North Douglas County Fire & EMS.

What is FireMed?

Even with good medical insurance, a bill will usually follow an emergency ambulance transport. Non-members pay it themselves. With FireMed, members do not receive a bill for emergency medical transports. It's that simple.

The money that you invest in your North Douglas County FireMed membership remains here in the local community where it supports a large and successful paramedic ambulance networks in Douglas Co.. North Douglas County FireMed membership dollars provide advanced paramedic training, essential personnel, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Your funds also help support vital community services and outreach programs. The Membership Program provides memberships for qualifying families. Purchase your North Douglas County FireMed membership with pride and the knowledge that even if you do not need the service, your investment is helping to save lives of others here locally in your community.

  • It's for people of all ages.

  • It covers you and your entire household.

  • It covers all medically necessary emergency transportation.

  • You qualify, even if you don't have health insurance.

If you have any questions regarding the 2020 FireMed Open Enrollment or Renewal process, please call the station at (541) 836-2282


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