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911 Outage

**Update, 6:20am 12/24/2019: Phone lines have been restored.

911 Emergency Phone Outage

911 lines are currently out in the North Douglas County area. Phone companies have been notified and working to resolve the problem. The current estimate time to restore is 6 hours as of 6:30pm 12/23/2019.

What to do in an emergency in the North Douglas County Fire & EMS district (Rice Hill, Yoncalla, Drain, Curtin):

*Cell phones are still able to reach emergency dispatch by calling 911

*If you are able to call locally on a landline, you can call our Administration office at (541) 836-2282. They will be able to take your information and dispatch the appropriate resources.

*If you are unable to make calls to any emergency services, go to the Drain Fire Station at 531 S. Cedar Street in Drain and emergency personnel will address your situation.

Updates will be posted at the top of this post.

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