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From Public Relations Officer David Adkisson,



Due to the weather conditions our annual Big K EMS Conference in Elkton scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled. Thank you.



A reminder to residents who have had or will have power restored. Even though power has been restored in your area does not mean it will permanently stay on. Due to many factors, power may have to be temporarily turned off to repair different sections of lines, poles, and more. While power is on, it is the time to keep phones, lights, etc. charged. Keep food, water, and emergency supplies stocked. If you see utility workers, tell them thank you. Many have worked day and night away from their families. From all of us at North Douglas County Fire & EMS, we thank everyone that is working in the community to help one another. We are a strong community united. -Public Relations Officer David Adkisson



*Alert for Yoncalla Residents The City Administrator of Yoncalla has asked residence connected to the city water system to conserve water.


The North Douglas and Yoncalla School District will be closed the rest of the week.


*Updated 3:00pm The warming center at the Drain Civic Center will be closed and moved to the Yoncalla Elementary School Cafeteria/Gym. The center will open at 5pm tonight. We encourage those who can drive themselves to the Yoncalla warming center to do so. If you are in Drain and can not make it to Yoncalla. You can go to the Drain fire station to be transported by our department.


The warming centers at the Drain Civic Center and the Yoncalla Elementary School Cafeteria will open at 5pm tonight. However, the warming centers may combine to better serve the community. That information will be posted at a later time.


Douglas Electric, Drain Electric, and many other electric crews continue to work day and night to restore power, but no estimated time frame has been given to when power will be restored. Verizon Wireless is currently working at their sub stations to restore cell service to the Drain and Yoncalla areas. City crews from both Drain and Yoncalla continue to work on clearing roads, providing water and maintaining sewer systems. Looking forward: NOAA is reporting more snow and below freezing temperatures tonight and into tomorrow morning. North Douglas County Fire & EMS is urging people to stay off the roadways. Our department remains staffed with multiple fire and ambulance crews to assist our community.


Due to multiple calls this is the fire update om this site. 2/5/19 8:30pm

911 lines- We have been notified that multiple resources to contact 911 are down. This includes DFN, Century Link and at times Cell Service. If you have an emergency and are unable to contact 911, 1st: try a nearby neighbor. 2nd: flag down and emergency vehicle (Fire, Ambulance, Police, ODOT). 3rd: if you are able to safety drive to the Drain fire station, crews will be able to assist you. 4th: we will attempt to monitor our Facebook page inbox for messages. Be aware that we are also experiencing data outages and it may take us a while to respond. Electricity- From what we have heard from Douglas Electric, this outage will last a few days minimum. There is no current estimate to when power will be restored. Downed Lines- DO NOT APPROACH ANY LINES! If lines are down, turn around. Do not call 911 for down lines unless it is a life threatening situation. Heat- The city of Drain and Yoncalla both have heating centers open at the Drain Civic Center, and the Yoncalla Elementary School Cafeteria. We will update in the morning with further information.

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