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Black & White Dog Cafe Commercial Fire

At 0552, January 27, 2019, North Douglas County Fire & EMS was dispatched to a report of smoke coming from the Black & White Dog Cafe in Rice Hill. Fire crews arrived to a two story commercial/residential structure with moderate smoke coming from the rear of the first story. Crews forced their way into the residential portion of the structure and discovered the second story was vacant. Fire crews then moved to the first floor where all the windows were covered in steam and blacked out due to heavy smoke. Crews pinpointed the fire to the kitchen and quickly extinguished the fire. Fire crews remained on scene for an additional hour checking for extensions and clearing smoke from the structure.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. No injuries were reported.

North Douglas County Fire & EMS Responded with 2 Engines, 3, Water Tenders, 1 Ambulance, and 13 firefighters.

North Douglas County Fire & EMS was also assisted by Oakland Rural Fire District.

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