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Debris Burning Suspended Due to Poor Burning Conditions Fire Danger Increases to Moderate

DFPA News Release: Debris Burning Suspended Due to Poor Burning Conditions Fire Danger Increases to Moderate

Fire officials with the Douglas Forest Protective Association has suspended burn permits for backyard debris burning until further notice, due to poor burning conditions. Burn permits for prescribed agricultural burns will be evaluated on a case by case basis, however, burn opportunities will be limited due to forecasted conditions. These changes are a result of an offshore flow event which is causing warm and windy conditions throughout the area with low relative humidity readings.

In addition, the fire danger on DFPA protected lands will increase to “Moderate” and the Industrial Fire Precaution Level will remain at IFPL I. Public Use Restrictions on DFPA protected lands are not in effect, however, the use of exploding targets and tracer ammunition is prohibited during a declared fire season and the use of sky lanterns is prohibited any time of year in Oregon. Those recreating in wildland areas are reminded that private industrial landowners or public land management agencies may have additional fire restrictions or closures on the lands they own or manage. Recreationalist should check with the appropriate private landowner or public land management agency before heading to the woods for any additional closures or restrictions. A list of private industrial landowner closures can be found online at http://www.ofic.com/wp-cont…/…/2018/06/2018-Closure-Form.pdf

For more information about public or industrial fire restrictions on DFPA protected land, visit www.dfpa.net or call DFPA’s 24 hour information line at 541-672-0379.

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