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  • David Adkisson

2018 Bike Rodeo

Remember the feeling of first learning to ride a bicycle on your own—without training wheels and without a parent's balancing hand? Remember that sudden rush of freedom?

If you have to strain to think back that far, well, maybe it's time to strap on a helmet and saddle up. Because not only is bicycling fun and freeing, it's an excellent way to get healthy exercise. That's one of the reasons that sixty million Americans bicycle. Whether you're an avid mountain biker or simply trying to incorporate cycling into your daily routine, you too can reap the many health benefits of bicycling. Bicycling, however, is not without its risks.

North Douglas County Fire & EMS is sponsoring a bicycle skills event designed to teach bicyclists the skills they need in order to be better cyclists. By learning bike handling and traffic skills, one can enjoy bicycling more and reduce the chance of injury. The rodeo will be held Saturday, May 19, 2018 from 9:00am-12:00pm at the Drain fire station.

Bicyclists aged four to eight are invited to attend. This event is made up of a series of stations, each dealing with an important aspect of safe cycling. Participants will have their bicycles inspected and will then learn about and practice bicycle-handling skills that will increase their enjoyment of bicycling and could some day save their lives. Parents are invited to participate, too. Kids are encouraged to bring their own bike, but for kids that are unable to, one will be provided. For more information, please call (541) 836-2282


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