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Fuel Spill

At 11:43am on May 13 North Douglas County Fire & EMS was dispatched to a public safety call in the area of North 1st St. and West B Ave. in Drain. A deputy from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office reported fuel in the roadway at the intersection of N 1st and W B Ave. causing vehicles to slide. As fire crews responded from their fire station in the 500 block of South Cedar Street, they saw a small trail of fuel leading to the intersection. Fire crews first goal was to slow down vehicles approaching the intersection to minimize the possibility of an accident. Fire crews on scene made an effort to stop fuel from entering nearby storm drains. Crews later learned the fuel trailed further down North 1st street all the way to Laurel Hill Dr. Additional fire apparatuses and personnel from North Douglas County Fire & EMS were dispatched to bring absorbent pads and booms to assist in isolating fuel traveling into the river on Laurel Hill Dr. The object leaking fuel was located further up Laurel Hill Dr. A resident of the area had filled a 55gal medal drum at Pilot Travel Center in Rice Hill and was returning home unaware of any leakage until the resident had returned. The scene was later turned over to Douglas County Sherriff’s and Oregon Department of Transportation.


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