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  • Mike Grimes

National Volunteer  Week

On the occasion of, “National Volunteer Week” I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude to the men and women that volunteer for their community as firefighters and EMTs for the District. As a volunteer myself for many years, I understand the sacrifices you and your families make to train and prepare for answering the call, as well as actually being there on those events where your skills are absolutely vital in the lives of your neighbors and visitors to our community. As a Chief Officer of this department, I am very aware that the awesome responsibility to professionally respond to emergencies of all kinds at any moment is a daunting challenge that could not be met without your selfless dedication, positive attitude, and exemplary skills. My position affords me the opportunity to hear from many individuals throughout our area that appreciate you and your contribution to their well-being, and I am pleased to pass along their thought and mine.

Asst. Chief Mike Grimes

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