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Being a part of North Douglas County Fire & EMS is not just volunteering, It's an opportunity.

Being an emergency service volunteer is rewarding and challenging. If you are up to the task, North Douglas County Fire & EMS is just the place for you. The department offers several ways to serve your community:


Become a member of a team that responds to over 1,000 medical emergencies per year. Classes are provided through Umpqua Community College to obtain State and National certifications.


Start your firefighting and EMS education early with our entry program that is structured to provide an education to enable teenagers to advance into an exciting career. You must be 14 to 17 years old to apply.


Complete intensive training to join the ranks of one of the most respected professions around the globe. Start your firefighting education right here, Classes are provided.


From Water Tender Operators to Vehicle & Station Maintenance, North Douglas County Fire & EMS offers many ways for you to give back to your community through small but vital roles. 

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